The most frustrating thing about customer service.

Seth Godin reminded me today about the most frustrating thing about calling customer service anywhere:

It means that you don’t ask me to type in my phone number or account number, but if you insist, then at the very least you make sure that the person who eventually gets my call doesn’t ask me for my number again! Getting this wrong for three years in a row is not an error. It’s arrogance.

There is nothing that bothers me more than being asked by the automated VR system to enter my ten digit phone number, only to be asked by a human a couple of minutes later what my phone number is. I’m always told that "it doesn’t show up on their system".

Come on now. I know that these companies have call display technology; everyone does. You can’t tell me that after all of these years you can’t get my number from call display and use it to access my account so that it is up on your screen before you say hello to me.

You just don’t care enough to.

And while we’re on the subject, that cute voice response system that asks me all human like to tell me what I want – the one that doesn’t allow me any way to break out of it by hitting a key? I’m sure that’s wonderful for you, as it probably causes many customers to give up and hang up out of sheer frustration.

That’s right. Customers hate it.

If you really want to provide service to customers, spend the money to get a human to answer the phone.Then I might believe that my call really was important to you.


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