It’s all about tax cuts.

Here’s the CBC headline:

Liberal carbon plan to offer $15.5B in tax cuts

Sounds great, doesn’t it? I notice that they don’t call it the "Liberal carbon tax plan". The subhead does casually mention taxes though:

Between $12B and $15B could be collected in carbon taxes by 4th year

Hmmm. At most they’ll collect $15B, but they’re giving away $15.5B. I thought this was supposed to be revenue neutral, but they’re going to give away more than they collect.Let’s see what the article has to say:

Liberal Leader Stéphane Dion’s new carbon tax plan calls for $11 billion in personal income tax cuts, exemptions on new taxes for aviation and diesel fuel for the first year, and extra help for vulnerable Canadians, CBC News has learned.

The plan, to be called the "Liberal Green Shift" and due to be unveiled in Ottawa on Thursday, includes about $15.5 billion tax cuts in total, according to Liberal sources.

Again with the tax cuts. They don’t mention the "controversial new taxes" until the third paragraph.The upshot of the plan?

TD Bank chief economist Don Drummond analyzed the plan and said the carbon tax is good idea, but added it is going to hit some harder than others.

"I think it will be revenue neutral, but there will be no individual or company in the country that will exactly get back what it pays back in carbon tax," Drummond told CBC News on Wednesday. "There will be a lot of winners and a lot of losers."

The government answer to climate change is always new taxes and wealth redistribution. It’s never about the actual reduction of carbon dioxide so much as punishing people for using it, especially when they have no choice but to heat their homes. And it’s always about winners and losers.

And once the tax is entrenched, don’t expect it to ever go away regardless of the actual carbon situation, just like income tax or the GST. Because in the end, the government is always the winner. So what does that make you and I?

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