Spam. Still the scourge of the net.

Someone, seemingly from Russia, is spamming people like crazy and forging my email address as the From: address. How do I know this? Because I awoke to over 3000 "undeliverable mail" messages in my inbox this morning.

And that’s probably just a small fraction of what was actually sent. If you got a spam mail from me I apologize, but it didn’t really come from me.

I use a Macbook. It is free of viruses and zombies, and I don’t leave it on when I’m not using it, so the messages aren’t coming from me.

The really frustrating thing is that no only does it bother average people who then blame me. It also clogs up my inbox, making my email unusable, and potentially causing me to miss valuable messages. It also wastes my time.

I just don’t understand what spammers get from this. I’m not buying Rolex watches or Viagra because I got an email about it. And don’t even get me started about the idiots at Settec Training House, who send constant spam from different addresses.

If you have a good product, you don’t have to trick people into using it.


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