Why do newspaper search tools suck?

I wanted to reference an article that I had read in the print edition of yesterday’s National Post, so I entered the title – "Lightcrime" – into the search box on the main page. I got these results:

None of these stories are the one I was looking for, though I had to check every one because the title information was useless, and obviously not the actual title of the story. Only one of the articles even contained a link to the Lightcrime store at the bottom, though the article was no longer available.

Contrast that with my one word Google search for the word "lightcrime" that yielded the following:

Google finds the exact article I was looking for. In fact, the top five hits are the right article. And keep in mind, this is yesterday’s paper.

I really, really want to read the National Post, but what am I to do when they can’t even find the article on their own site? And the National Post has one of the better searches from what I’ve seen. I don’t even bother trying to search my local paper, The Record, because there is really no point.It’s actually easier to go to the public library and leaf through past print issues to find anything.

We all know by now that search isn’t that difficult. So why is this so hard?


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