The product is only in beta.

If you’ve been frustrated by the perpetual beta software on the web, or the poor quality of software that has clearly been shipped before its time, then you’ll identify with my latest article at The Industry Standard, Thou Shalt Ship No Software Before Its Time:

Today, betas are instantly available to everyone worldwide; there are rarely limits. They are used to attract free publicity, or to drive user demand through "invite only"-style launches. And a beta is not a one-time event. The software changes frequently; new features are added constantly. If problems occur the answer is often not to fix them, but to state that "the product is only in beta". But people use the product as if it were final. At best, the service might not work exactly as advertised. At worst, your data could be lost, destroyed, or leaked.

Read the whole thing here. And while you’re at it, take a look around. Make a bet on the current predictions. You’ll rarely find so much information, and so many viewpoints, all in one place.

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