Now that’s service!

My friend is starting an Interior Decoration company and I was helping her with her website. Based on what I’ve heard, I had recommended A Small Orange as a hosting provider for her.

Last Sunday we opened an account and paid the fee for the year by credit card. When 24 hours went by and we hadn’t received an email about the account setup, I apologized to my friend and opened a support ticket.

I’m used to getting the automatic email that says they have received my ticket, but I was astounded to get an email not even two minutes later from Amanda. I won’t mention her last name here, but the folks at A Small Orange should be very happy with her. She said that the email had been sent, but frequently they showed up as spam, so my friend should check her junk mail folder. She also resent the email.

Within a short time my friend forwarded the email to me and I continued setting up the web page.

Now that’s just about the best service I can recall receiving on the internet, or anywhere frankly. And you can bet I’ll be recommending A Small Orange for web hosting. In fact I have twice already.

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