Yes I’m one of those people that has to use every new thing, like Twitter for example. And I often find myself in a room full of people where nobody has heard of the thing, and I find myself having to explain why I use it.

Which is usually greeted by blank stares and comments like "Why would anyone want to do that?"

Then a few months later I meet people and they ask me if I’ve heard of this thing called Twitter, or whatever the new thing is. Happens every time.

Update: Robert Scoblesays it doesn’t matter if Kara Swisher’s friends aren’t on Twitter, because plenty of people are. But Kara didn’t ask her friends; she basically asked 100 random people at a wedding in Washington, DC. You’d probably get the same response pretty much anywhere else. I on the other hand typically find myself in a room full of technology folks and get the same response.


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