How did we survive as kids…

without politicians to protect us?

Ontario is facing a “serious problem” with overweight children and must do more to protect them by banning advertising directed at kids, NDP critic Rosario Marchese said.

He plans to introduce a bill Monday amending the Consumer Protection Act to prohibit commercial television advertising for food or drink that is directed at a child under the age of 13.


Research shows that one in four Canadian children between the ages of four and 17 is obese, and it’s no wonder when children are being bombarded by television ads promoting sugar-packed soft drinks and other products, Mr. Marchese said.

“What kids see on television is high in calories and low in nutrients,” he added. “That’s generally what kids watch on television.”

The same ads on television twenty years ago didn’t force me to buy food to make me obese.I had the willpower to not eat all of that stuff. And oddly enough, my parents had some say in what I ate too, given that when I was under 13 they pretty much told me what I could and couldn’t have. Of course we no longer trust parents to do that:

“The general point is that children are very vulnerable and it’s very difficult for them to make intellectual distinctions between… good and bad,” he said.

It used to be that parents taught kids to distinguish between good and bad, but now we need the government to do that for us.

We’ve let the government take care of us for so long that we’ve become a society of far too many rules. Time was kids would just go out to play. They used up all their energy and didn’t become obese in the first place. Now we have to protect them from everything, even advertising.

If we protect children from everything how will they learn to deal with the real world?

And speaking of protecting people, shouldn’t we be protecting adults from beer commercials so that they don’t become obese?

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