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I mentioned the other day that I was reading 1984, and noticing disturbing parallels with the whole concept of Earth Hour, particularly when I’ve seen accounts of people walking by houses with lights on and assuming that they are not environmentally friendly, or worse.

I thought I might be the only one who saw that, until I read Peter Foster’s article in the National Post entitled Lightcrime:

On Saturday night, the awful possibility of "lightcrime" appeared on the deliberately dimmed horizon. Who among those who knew about Earth Hour did not feel an internal compulsion to turn down the lights for fear of public disapprobation, even if they believed that the whole thing was either a pointless or subversive stunt?

Among letters to the Toronto Star — which devoted hectares of newsprint to the event — was one from a woman miffed at a neighbour for leaving on his porch light. "Was he afraid of a break-in or was he just sticking it to Mother Nature?" she asked. "At least my son and I talked about the stupid selfishness that has brought the world to the state she is in — a subject not just for Earth Hour, but for a lifetime."


Meanwhile, the young and naive were trotted out on Saturday night to demonstrate that they were being terrified into conformity either at home or at school. "Earth Hour is important to me because my kids and grandkids will be living on this Earth," declared Morgan Baskin, aged 12, at an event at Holy Trinity Church in downtown Toronto. "I don’t want my kids to be around for the end of the Earth."

The end of the Earth. That’s what 12-year-olds are being taught. It sure beats monsters in the closet, since the prospect will terrify them by day as well as by night. This is child abuse. But this is also what environmental morality looks like. Nobody is safe from the pressure. Indeed, just as in Nineteen Eighty-Four, it is the young who are the first to be targeted, so that they can become "spies." Educators freely admit that they tell children to pressure their parents. Fortunately, they don’t yet have to report them.

Read the whole thing.And keep it in mind the next time you see this Powerwise commercial with Daviz Suzuki:


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