Saying what sounds good.

Canada’s Liberal Party is berating the governing Conservative Party for lowering the GST by two points to 5%:

During the session with delegates, Mr. Brison said the Conservatives’ decision to cut the GST by two per cent costs $13 billion a year, money that could go into infrastructure, poverty and the environment.

And Dartmouth MP Mike Savage said cutting the GST doesn’t "do a thing for the (homeless) men who sleep at the Metro Turning Point Shelter and have their breakfast at Hope Cottage."


Ms. Bazos, for one, said she wouldn’t mind paying a little more in GST if it meant helping those less fortunate.

"Nobody loves to pay taxes but I’d rather pay taxes than see people sleeping on the streets, which I think is horrifying," she said, adding the money could also aid public education and the environment.

Ok, so after 13 years of Liberal government, with the GST at 7%, why is there still poverty? Why are there still problems with public education and the environment? Why isn’t all of the infrastructure in good condition?

Could it be because politicians aren’t really concerned with infrastructure, public education, and the environment? Those things just sound good on TV. Nobody gets elected for rebuilding a crumbling bridge or fixing a pothole. They get elected for giving money to all of the special interest groups with their hands out. And judging by the response to last week’s federal budget, there are no shortage of those.


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