Every picture tells a story.

When I look at this picture I see either an increase or flat electricity usage from 8:00-9:00 pm in Ontario, coinciding with Earth Hour. There is certainly no appreciable drop in usage.

For some reason The Globe and Mail gets completely different information:

At eight p.m. local time, enthusiastic participants turned off lights and appliances for the 60-minute event that swept around the globe in what was possibly the world’s largest voluntary power outage since the invention of the incandescent bulb.

So many people did their part in Ontario, that demand for power fell by 900 megawatts during the hour — a drop of just over five per cent.

"Canada is a leader in this," Mike Russill, head of World Wildlife Fund Canada, told a crowd of thousands who jammed a downtown Toronto square for the hour. "Climate change is the biggest threat to this planet and your individual actions count."

Wow! I’d hate to see the usage if all those people hadn’t done their part.

Interestingly enough, I was out with some friends last night at about 8:00 pm trying to find a place to eat, only to find that every place we went to was packed. Every restaurant and bar, jammed full of people, music blaring, and well lit. And if you aren’t home, you really don’t need the lights on anyway, do you?

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