Do what you’re told.

According to Canada’s Green Party, if you choose to leave a light on tonight to perhaps read a book about democracy let’s say, rather than do what you’re told, then you aren’t environmentally aware or concerned:

Between 8 and 9 tonight, I’ll be doing what I usually do at that time:

I’ll be out with my wife walking our two dogs 5km around our small town.

Tonight, however, I’ll be looking at my neighbours’ windows to see which ones are participating in Earth Hour. I’ll be noting those houses and when the election campaign comes, I’ll be knocking on those doors. I’ll be armed with the knowledge that these are environmentally aware and concerned people and they are prime targets for a GPC campaign.

I’m currently reading 1984, and this sounds all too much like the thought police; judging my intent based on simple gestures like leaving a single light on at 9 pm. Because they don’t care if I turn all of my lights out at 8:00 pm tomorrow or the next day, or every day next week for that matter. Only 8:00-9:00 pm tonight matters.

Because Earth Hour isn’t about thinking for yourself. It is all about doing what you are told, or your neighbors will know you are either an idiot or a conservative apparently, or you are perhaps committing a thought crime.

Tip of the hat to small dead animals.


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