Why have a study if you already know the answer?

Waterloo Region, where I currently live, is holding a series of workshops for their Transportation Master Plan. I don’t even have to attend, because I already know what the outcome will be.

I predict that the recommended solution will be light rail transit.

Not because we have plenty of transit users. Very few people use the existing bus service. In the words of my friend’s daughter, "Buses suck, and they are never on time".

Now we could add many more buses and run more frequently without spending too much money. But that won’t happen.

While we know that light rail transit probably won’t increase ridership, it’s going to be recommended because it is free. It won’t cost the region a cent because the provincial and federal governments will be footing the $300 million dollar bill. And apparently this will cause development to happen in the city cores, even though every other attempt has failed.

Yes you and I know that it is still money out of taxpayers’ pockets, but the region doesn’t think that way. It just isn’t coming out of their pockets.

Of course local taxpayers will be paying a subsidy forever for trains that will likely run empty, but that probably won’t get too much play at the workshops. Nobody wants to pour cold water on a hot idea, especially when somebody else is paying for it.

Don’t go to the website if you want to know anything though. It is run by TottenSims Hubicki Associates, a transportation planning consulting company, and many of the pages inculding the Study Objectives pages bear only this content:

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