Lost in translation.

My friend Matt bought a remote controlled car and saved the box to show me. It was made in China, and they had clearly had a bit of a problem translating the instructions, resulting in the following:

1.Insert the charger indoor 220/110 AC power electric outlets of:
2.The charger outputs the exportation plug of the line bitter end to insert to refresh the battery to refresh the socket;
3.Refresh time take 4-6 hours as proper.

1.Must use an appropriation of 4.8 V charger that our company installs to refresh,
The charger that uses other not clear characteristics refreshes to damage the battery probably.
2.Refresh time should not lead long,6 hours be good enough to make the battery is saturated, leading to refresh the service life that will shorten the battery, Even cause the battery deformation lose efficacy.
3.Forbid to refresh towards can’t refresh of common battery, slice to record!

The pictures weren’t all that helpful either.

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