Commercials for commercials

I’m watching the Super Bowl, just like most people on earth right now. But I’m in Canada, where cable companies have the legal right to replace one of a kind, incredible commercials with ads for insurance, soup, or television show reruns. Cable companies stealing content? I’m shocked, shocked I tell you.

So like any enterprising viewer I go to the internet to find the commercials. There are ads for, but there is nothing there. Nobody seems to be streaming the ads, though I can’t imagine why since the advertisers would certainly be happy for the extra exposure.

I finally find the ads at FoxSports. You can view them one at a time there. The kicker? To watch a commercial I first have to sit through an E*Trade ad. Every time.

You would think that a television network could figure out how to stream a few commercials over the web. It isn’t rocket surgery folks.

And you would think that the government of Canada, so concerned about coryright, might have the slightest problem with such obvious theft of content.

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