Ignorance is no excuse.

For some reason yesterday I encountered a number of completely ridiculous situations but none beat the discussion I has when I went to get a new license plate sticker.

The clerk looked at my ownership and said "It’s not signed. That’s a $110 fine.". Then she noticed it was and said "No, you’re ok."

When I asked how I was supposed to know that she said that the police would inform me when they gave me the $110 ticket. When I told her that I was unaware of the requirement, given that it says nothing of the kind anywhere on the ownership slip, she told me that the police feel that ignorance of the law is no excuse.

An internet search on this turned up nothing either.

So basically, If you don’t sign your ownership, even though there is absolutely know way you could know that you have to, the police will issue you a $110 ticket and then tell you about a law that you didn’t know about.

Yeah, that seems fair.


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