This speaks for itself.

The Conservative government has decided not to seek clemency in the case of a Canadian citizen who is now on death row in the United States, as a result of killing two people, confessing to the crime, and being convicted. This has predictably thrown Canada into an uproar. Yet I can think of no clearer statement than the killer’s own remarks:

"The whole idea in Canada has been to try and rehabilitate prisoners if possible," Smith said in a prison meeting room.

"Why shouldn’t I have the opportunity, just because I came down to the United States and killed somebody? What difference does it make? If anybody else deserves an opportunity, then I should as well–I’ma Canadian citizen."


After his arrest in Wyoming three weeks later, Smith initially confessed that he had committed the murders to see "what it was like" to kill. He also asked a judge to give him the death penalty.

But he later changed his mind, and Smith’s lawyers have fought for decades — with the help of the Canadian government until last week’s policy reversal — to have their client’s death sentence overturned.

The emphasis is mine, but I couldn’t possibly add anything else to that.


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