The customer is wrong.

Last night I took my son to a fast food place called The Pita Pit on Northfield Drive in Waterloo, Canada. It’s close to our house so we go there often for a bite to eat. I also brought my filled loyalty card – you buy 12 Pitas and you get a free one.

When I went to use the card the cashier told me that the manager told them not to take the cards anymore. She told me they were old, though mine was started in May of this year. When I asked to speak to the manager they told me she wasn’t in. They also told me not to bother; she always won arguments so I wasn’t going to get anywhere.

This company made me a promise, a contract if you will. I purchase 12 pitas and I get a free one. Then they unilaterally, with no notice, breached that contract. And what’s more, they tell me essentially that I the customer am wrong, so don’t even bother arguing the point.

I don’t have time for places like that. There are plenty of restaurants, and I’ve lost my taste for places that don’t care about their customers, like The Pita Pit.

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