Gerald Jones calling.

I don’t want my ducts cleaned thanks. Yet I get calls all the time offering me some special on having my ducts cleaned.

But today was a first. A gentleman with a very heavy Indian accent called around dinner time. He told me that his name was Gerald Jones, and that he was calling on behalf of Blackwell Duct Cleaning, and they would be in my area.

I guess that these people can’t be bothered to call me themselves, but if they think that I’m dumb enough to believe that the man from the Indian call center is named Gerald Jones, then they’ve got another thing coming.

Though either way my answer will still be no.


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One thought on “Gerald Jones calling.

  1. What’s really sad is that somewhere out there, somebody answers the phone, and after listening to Gerald Jones the air duct cleaner, says; ‘Hmmm, sounds like a good deal…Yes, I think I would like to get my air ducts cleaned Gerald, can I pay you with a credit card over the phone?”.

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