Blowing the sale.


It’s one o’clock on Tuesday morning and I notice an ad on Facebook – Air Canada is offering unlimited travel for $499. So I hop on over to the Air Canada website to check it out.

There is indeed an item on the main page offering unlimited travel for the price of a single ticket but there is no other information; just a Buy Now link. So I click it and I wait. And I wait. And I wait.

Fully five minutes later I click refresh, only to receive the Technical Assistance message you see here. Clicking on the Technical Assistance link just takes me to a page that tells me that I can phone Air Canada – the thing I was trying to avoid in the first place.

There doesn’t seem to be anyplace else to find information about this offer either, so I really have no idea what this offer entails. Air Canada just blew off a customer ready to buy two of these tickets.And if they think I’m going to bother sitting on hold waiting for customer service they’re wrong.

After all, I do have a choice in air travel.

So here’s a recommendation for the future if anyone at Air Canada is listening. Before you force me into your ecommerce system, give me the information I need to make an informed decision. Then I’m more likely to forgive you and come back later.


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