Soon my mom will have a Facebook app.

TechCrunch rants about Epson’s new website complete with social features that tell you which printer suits your personality – because that’s how I choose my printer. Actually I’m surprised that Epson still exists. Of course this may be the last gasp. But my favorite quote was this: Fire the consultants, stop trying to be a conversational marketer and just get back to the basics.Or build a Facebook application. Now that would be cool.

Because it seems that everybody needs a Facebook application these days. In fact, I think that soon my mom will have her own Facebook app.

There are certainly situations where you can use an app to drive awareness of your product or service. StartupNorth describes this very nicely, suggesting that you use Facebook as a conduit:

The opportunity is for you to extract a feature from your real business, and provide that feature as a Facebook Application. You can then try to link users through to your real website. If you are building something worthwhile, they will come there with you and you can focus on turning them in to real customers.

Building a business is pretty difficult when you are dependent completely on someone else and they make all the rules. Better that you should use the marketing power of a tool like Facebook, yet maintain control of the end experience for your customers.


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