The dollar may be equal but…

The Canadian and the U.S. dollars may be at parity right now, but that didn’t change the fact that my local bookstore was charging $25 for a book with a U.S. list price of $19.95.

And it isn’t just books; cars are tremendously more expensive in Canada. In fact, as the New York Times notes, even with the dollar equal, products are priced about 24% higher in Canada:

A report released Thursday by BMO Nesbitt Burns, a unit of the Bank of Montreal, estimates that products are priced 24 percent higher in Canada than in the United States despite the Canadian dollar’s steady five-year march to parity with the United States dollar.

I also note that even as the currency rose in value, the price of gas hasn’t changed a bit.Of course Canadians are just used to it:

During the three-decade slump from which the Canadian dollar just rebounded, Canadians became accustomed to paying more.


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