They don’t have time for customers.

I’ve noticed a disturbing trend in customer service. When I feel that I’ve exhausted all the avenues in a customer service problem, I ask for the name of the VP or Director or Customer Care. These are the typical responses:

  • We don’t have one.
  • I don’t know who that is.
  • I can’t give out their name.
  • They don’t have email.

Guess what folks. These are all lies told by $8 an hour customer service people so that the person actually responsible for making sure that customers are satisfied doesn’t actually have to deal with customers.

The other day I mentioned that a newspaper company had started sending me their paper while I was on vacation.In the three irate calls it took to make them stop I told them I NEVER wanted to receive their paper. A couple of days ago they started sending it again.

They only have my address because they deliver my New York Times in Canada, so I thought I’d contact the Times. Surprise! You can’t call the Senior VP of Circulation (who apparently has no name), but you can email them. I emailed them at 9:00 am yesterday with my problem.

I’m still waiting for a response.

The truth is, as long as I pay my bill, these people don’t give a damn about me. They certainly don’t care about any problems I may be having with their service, or how much they inconvenience me. And in the case of The Globe and Mail, they don’t care that I don’t want their paper.

Honestly, if you have someone on your payroll who is supposed to care about customers but won’t take a call from one, then what are you paying them for? Just fire them and save the money. Clearly it won’t make any difference at all.


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