Censorship and net neutrality.

Pearl Jam got censored by AT&T:

The incident happened during a Lollapalooza webcast over at AT&T’s "Blue Room" media showcase. Pearl Jam’s performance of their big 90′s hit "Daughter" morphed into the melody from Pink Floyd’s "The Wall," and Eddie Vedder served up a pair of anti-Bush lyrics to the tune. "George Bush, leave this world alone," he sang. "George Bush, find yourself another home."

Fans at the event got to hear the words in all their glory, but in the webcast, the lines were censored—AT&T made the decision to silence them, apparently believing that they would prove offensive to listeners. When Pearl Jam found out about the censorship, the band posted a strongly-worded message on its web site.

This is the kind of thing that happens when a small number of companies control access to the internet. While they may be acting in what they consider to be the interest of their users, it is still censorship, and a concern over the long term view of the internet.

The constitution guarantees free speech, and that should hold true regardless of the communication medium.


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