The problem with banning handguns.

An 11-year old boy was killed in the crossfire of gang violence in Toronto, Canada, this past weekend. Predictably, this has led to yet more calls for a handgun ban:

Ontario announced Monday it’s increasing the number of prosecutors and police officers devoted to gun crimes and gang violence.

Attorney General Michael Bryant, who made the announcement, also called on Ottawa to do their part to prevent gun crime by banning handguns, or at least taking action to close loopholes in gun regulations.

"There’s a lot we can do on gun crime, but make no mistake about it — if there’s no gun, then there is no funeral," Bryant told CTV Newsnet.

An effective handgun ban depends on people obeying it. Unfortunately, as the Canadian Taxpayers Federation notes, criminals have a nasty habit of ignoring the law, given that they are criminals and all:

We could ban hand guns, all blunt objects, and anything that could be used as a weapon and guess what? The only guns that would be left would be the ones "owned" by criminals…

Violence like this is horrible, but there is no point in pretending that a law banning handguns will be any more effective than the existing laws banning using them, or any other weapon, to kill each other.


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