Support Our Troops.

Lately the city in which I live, along with others, have considered the issue of having city vehicles display "Support Our Troops" stickers. Locally they are ok with it.

Several people though have suggested that "Support Our Troops" actually means "Support The War":

Recent history suggests then, that "Support Our Troops" means support the war effort.

Another question raised by the use of this slogan is, what are the implications of its use regarding public policy?

Again, one needs only to look at recent uses of the slogan, by governments, as a tool for propaganda. In the U.S., the slogan has been a rallying cry for the support-the-war-movement and has stifled any opposition to the policy of aggression. People who might stand up and question the rationality of a military solution are easily silenced by being labelled "undemocratic" or "unpatriotic" for not getting behind the banner.

Does anyone other than defence contractors actually support war? I believe that any rational person would rather have peace than war, though there may be instances in which war is the only way to accomplish a stated goal such as fighting terrorism.

Canada fought in World War I and World War II because they thought it was the right thing to do. That seems also to be the case with the NATO-led war in Afghanistan. I’m sure that everybody would like to reach the fastest and safest possible conclusion to that war.

When I hear "Support Our Troops" I think of supporting the work and the safe return of troops from that war. I certainly don’t think of "supporting the war". As I’m sure most people do.


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