How did we ever live without mobile phones?

Whenever I am driving down the street or walking through a mall and see someone chatting on their mobile phone I wonder how we ever survived before they existed.

I seem people talking constantly on their mobile phones. Is it possible that people have that much more to say to each other that we did all those years ago?

For years now nobody has called either of my sons on our home phone. It is always their cell phones, their lifelines to the world. And more frequently they are texting back and forth, lives lived and plans made in 170 character chunks. Who could have foreseen this?

Back when I was a kid we didn’t even have voice mail or call display. You had to run to the ringing phone, and you probably only had one in the house. If you missed it you didn’t have any idea who had called or what they wanted. If they really wanted to talk to you they called back.

Of course you couldn’t screen your calls. But there really wasn’t that much telemarketing either.

Now if I see a number on my call display that I don’t recognize, I just don’t answer. I let it go to voice mail, which is no problem really, because telemarketers don’t leave messages. They just call back incessantly, but of course I don’t answer, so it becomes a cycle of them wasting their time for nothing.


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