I have a friend I’ve know for a while. She lives around the corner from me and I see her occasionally at the coffee shop I frequent in the morning. A couple of months ago I met her husband when they were sitting down the bar from me at a nearby restaurant.

Since then I see these people everywhere. If my wife and I go out to breakfast or dinner, they’re there. I go to the liquor store and there they are. We bump into them frequently. Is this just some strange coincidence?

Now she tells me that her daughters see me all the time, even though I don’t notice them.

I’ve long knownabout the reticular activating system that limits what you are conscious of so that you aren’t overwhelmed. For example, once you buy a Toyota, you might start to notice more Toyotas on the road because you are now aware of them.

I wonder if that works for people too. Perhaps I’ve been bumping into these people all the time and just didn’t notice, but now that I know them I am aware of it.

Now I wonder what else I’ve been missing.


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