When things just don’t work.

I’ve worked with just about a million APIs in my life. But it seems that in the last few years in the rush to put an API together, some stuff just doesn’t work.

For example, Skype’s API (really a collection of commands rather than an API) claims that you can essentially play an audio file on a call.

Doesn’t work.

I’ve tried every possible combination without success. And the documentation is no help whatsoever.

Facebook is similar. You can write a standalone desktop application for Facebook. Just don’t expect to be able to log in and do anything. For that you will have to pop up a separate browser window to log in.And don’t expect to be able to update any Facebook information.

Google’s Blogger Beta is another example. Functionality doesn’t work as documented, and it keeps changing.

So what is a developer to do when faced with problems like this?


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