Kids will be kids.

Who knew that you could be charged with placing a false bomb? [TimesSelect only]

It’s senior prank season, and this was the plan for the last day of classes Monday at Hendrick Hudson High School, not far from the Indian Point nuclear plant in Westchester:

Seniors went to three $1 stores and bought about 150 alarm clocks in the shape of houses or butterflies, which would be scattered throughout the school.

They would be wrapped in duct tape, so teachers could not shut them off by removing their batteries, and set for 9:15. And when they went off, the seniors would rise and march triumphantly outside to acknowledge that the fat lady — or at least her alarm clock — had sung. They had made it through high school.

Now, with 19 students facing felony charges for placing false bombs, it’s pretty clear it wasn’t such a good idea after all. And it’s leaving everyone mulling over the questions of what’s stupid fun and what’s just stupid, and where you draw the line between reaction and overreaction in a world that’s half “Jackass” and half Age of Anxiety.

Clearly these studentsintended this to be a joke. They were placing alarm clocks, not "false bombs". Yes they might have caused some concern, but this just seems like a case of "we’ll look stupid adults if we don’t punish somebody".

Even with all of the problems and dangers we face daily, we still need to be able to take a joke. Otherwise life will get pretty bleak.


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