Beyond the reach of average consumers.

Mark Evans thinks that the price of the iPhone is a bit high:

Maybe I’m blowing hot air into the wind only to be proved wrong by the iJobs magic but I think far too many people are forgetting that Apple is wading into ultra-competitive waters with the iPhone. It’s not like there’s a lack of cool devices already on the market – Blackberry, Razr, Crazr, etc. And with prices starting at $499, the iPhone strikes me as being beyond the reach of the average consumers – although this is probably Apple trying to make the iPhone a premium item out of the gate while giving it wiggle room down the road to lower prices.

Both of my kids, at 15 and 17, spent over $400 of their own money to buy their first iPods. So $499 for the coolest phone available that also plays music and video with a big screen is certainly within the range of the average consumer.

And really, what is cool about the BlackBerry, Razr, or Crazr? A phone with a keyboard or a camera, an appointment calendar and a basic web browser, versus a phone with Safari and iTunes and other Mac apps. The iPhone is a video iPod combined with a phone. Sure a touch keyboard might not be as fast to use as a BlackBerry, but that’s just utility. The iPhone is the epitome of cool.

Just like many people, among them numerous Fortune 500 CEOs, are switching to Macs, so too will people switch to the iPhone. Apple isn’t selling a piece of technology; they’re selling an experience. And price really isn’t a factor.


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