A TV guide for a changing world.

Seth Godin asks:

Who is curating YouTube? Who’s the TV Guide of a world with a million channels?

Google is. In a world of a million channels – or even a billion channels – allyou can do is search for what you want.

In fact TV Guide wasn’t always the most effective tool as the number of channels grew. It wasn’t easy to quickly find exactly what you wanted without scanning linearly through the pages.

Google, on the other hand, lets you immediately target what you want and get right to it. You could even create search "presets" for what you want to watch and quickly find it. Or somebody could build a mashup that watches Google for what’s new on each "channel".

Or if Google is smart, they could allow users to create their own RSS feeds for what they want to watch.

There are as many ways to find things as there are things to find.


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