Google Gears.

Having read about Google Gears here and here and here and here and here and… well you get the point… I decided to try it out.

Some of the beta code is broken. It tells you to rename the manifest file and put that and some other files onto your website, but the files actually refer to the original tutorial manifest file and a go_offline_files subdirectory. So once I fixed that I was able to take my blog offline fairly easily.

However, Google Gears doesn’t infer anything. My blog is, and the default web page is The blog should always default to index.html anyway, but Google Gears doesn’t get that. The only way I can view the blog offline is if I enter the complete url into the address bar. But it does let me read it offline then. I’ll need to take a look at the JavaScript to see if there is anyway to fix that.

Anyway, it was fairly easy to set up and use once the little details were worked through. Pretty good for the first day of existence really.


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