Do as I say, not as I do.

Angry in the Great White North exposes more of the environmentalists’ "do as I say, not as I do" mentality, this time concerning David Suzuki:

Quadra Island is home to 2,550 people. It is 410 square kilometers in size. That comes out to 6 persons per square kilometer. Not bad if you are looking for some peace and quiet from the raging chaos that is Kitsilano, a neighbourhood in Vancouver:

David Suzuki: I love Kitsilano and Vancouver, but there are too many people and too many cars. I think we can have greater density if we made the city much more hostile to cars. The cars have made our city unattractive, and thus I like to spend more of my time in a smaller place at Quanta [ed, Quadra] Island where we also have a home.

Kitsilano is home to about 40,000 Vancouverites, living in 6 square kilometers of space. A lot more crowded than Quadra Island.

People like David Suzuki want you and I to live in densely packed urban centers, while they live in sparse suburbs.The same sort of sprawl that Mr. Suzuki says must be stopped:

“The time to address this critical issue is now,” said David Suzuki, a Canadian scientist and broadcaster. “The more cities sprawl outward, the more we damage the environment and our health. We need to design communities so that the people who live in them use their cars less and have a much lower impact on the environment, and a better quality of life in return.”

Of course those rules only apply to you and I, not Mr. Suzuki, who detests too many people and too many cars.

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