Blogs versus social networks.

Kent Newsome suggests that blogging has helped him to meet people who wouldn’t have met him via something like Facebook:

There are other reasons why Jay’s line of demarcation sometimes breaks down. Take connecting with old friends, for example. Very few, if any, of my real world friends even know what Facebook is. None (to my knowledge) use it. As a result, I will have a much better chance connecting with people I know by nurturing my web site and waiting for people to Google me.

I’ve found that to be the case too, but I’ve also noticed that for me anyway, tools like LinkedIn and Facebook seem to be good for re-establishing old relationships with past co-workers or friends from school.I am starting to get friend requests from people as far back as elementary school from Facebook, and coworkers from as much as 15 years ago via LinkedIn, even people I might not expect to know about stuff like Facebook.

While blogging has helped me to meet new people and land work as well, social networks seem to serve a complementary purpose, and they seem to be becoming more commonplace and accessible to the average person. A friend of mine told me the other day that her family uses to keep up with each other, but she bristled at my suggestion that she was a blogger.

I was wrong. She is just somebody that wants to keep in touch with her own social network – in this case her family – and this kind of tool just makes it that much easier. Actually whether you blog or use Facebook, it all comes down to making yourself more accessible and findable.

Maybe we just all want to be part of something.

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