What makes you think your rights supercede mine?

In today’s National Post, columnist George Jonas says what I’m sure many of us are thinking:

But for nuts we don’t need to go all the way to Iran. The Green Gestapo of the environment seems ready to launch nuts right here at home. Eco-fascists share the self-righteous arrogance of Islamo-fascists, safety-Nazis and other control freaks. They’re like the multicultural censors excising "Merry Christmas!" or the feminist ones neutering the word "fisherman" and substituting "fisher" as the mot juste. They’re the anti-gun crusaders obliging us to register Grandpa’s squirrel-plonker; they’re the Victorian don’t-step-on-the-grass crowd; they’re our version of the Persian dress police. They’re prepared to enforce a government- regulated climate in Canada, indoors and outdoors, literally and figuratively, itching to counter global warming with an economic ice age.

What will it be like? Dark and grim. Hot showers on alternate days. Cars carrying fewer than three passengers impounded. Failure to use the politically correct amount of toilet paper bringing down the full wrath of the eco-fascist state.

Read the whole article.

Striking union workers have the "right" to set up information pickets and slow all traffic down. What about the rights of the drivers to get where they are going?

Anti-smoking crusaders self-righteously denouce the rights of smokers to smoke, making more and more places into no smoking areas. I don’t smoke, but the last time I looked smoking was legal. What about the rights of smokers?

Increasingly people use the arbitrary "good of society" as a justification to remove more and more rights from others. If we don’t start to fight to preserve our rights pretty soon we won’t have any at all.

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