The definition of Web 2.0.

To paraphrase the New York Times:

…a place that attracts people by encouraging them to create the content — thereby drawing even more people in to create even more stuff. The poster child of this Sawyeresque business model is the photo-sharing site called Flickr.

The article compares this to Tom Sawyer’s ability to convince his friends to whitewash a fence so he doesn’t have to.

Of course the definition of Web 2.0 success would be to find a way to profit from that content without paying the people who created it.Though even unpaid, they do derive benefits from the ability to share that content that they wouldn’t have had previously.


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One thought on “The definition of Web 2.0.

  1. I think there is a 2.0 bubble right now and many of these 2.0 companies are going to fail. Look for lots of fallout!

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