The provincial government of Ontario, Canada, has a great energy saving idea. They will ban the sale of standard household light bulbs, forcing consumers to but the new energy saving models.

Of course they aren’t the first government to do so. Australia, California, New Jersey, Europe, Venezuela, and others have as well. But they clearly haven’t thought this through.

While I have replaced most of incandescent light bulbs with the energy saving versions, I have noticed that they do not last as long as claimed. I have had a bulb burn out in as little as one year, instead of the 10 year life they claim.

Also, the light is brighter, but not as warn and pleasant. I can tolerate it, but many can’t. I still use a halogen light when I work because I find it easier to use for lnog periods.

And what of my outdoor lights? In Canada the weather dips below zero degrees Fahrenheit. Incandescent bulbs work just fine but fluorescent bulbs don’t always come on at such low temperatures. It is rare to find an energy efficient bulb for outdoor use at such low temperatures.

These ideas look great on paper and sound wonderful on the nightly news. But they rarely take into account the real world situations people must deal with.

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