Rogers Wireless: It’s all about us.

Yesterday, on a sunny Sunday afternoon, the Rogers Wireless Customer Retention department called me. They told me that I was a valued customer, and they wanted to know how satisfied I was with my service. Frankly I wasn’t too happy being bothered on a Sunday.

Now the other day I commented on the fact that the Rogers Wireless self-service website doesn’t work, so the first thing I asked was what services my son had on his phone. And to my surprise, having just added them myself, that there were no services on the phone. Once again, for the fifth time, I had been unable to get the account corrected.

So my answer was that I was a very, very, very, very dissatisfied customer which they didn’t have a checkbox for, so I just said dissatisfied.

I should also point out that the likely reason that the customer retention department called is that we use our cell phones a lot, and that we are not on any contract. And with local number portability it is suddenly very likely that we might change providers. That little tidbit will come up later.

So this woman fixed my son’s account, adding a service pack that was not available on the website, and that included unlimited text messaging.Of course she then pointed out that there was a limit of 2500 sent messages. When I pointed out that 2500 is not the same as unlimited, she said that 2500 was more than most people said. I again pointed out that this was still not unlimited.

Once we got past that she started to tell me that she would like to do whatever it took to make me a satisfied customer. She mentioned incoming calls free. She mentioned new phones. She said that she would evaluate each phone and suggest the best plan for each.

When I said that I hoped this didn’t require me signing up for a fixed term she told that of course that would be required.

Ah, so now it becomes clear. Rogers isn’t really interesting in a satisfied customer. Satisfying me wouldn’t require a contract. They are interesting in locking me in as a customer again, at which point they will again cease to be concerned about the service that I receive.

So let’s call a spade a spade. Rogers doesn’t really care if their customers are satisfied. They just want to offer enough stuff to lock them into a contract.

Of course I told the woman that I was going to need this in writing, and if I don’t see the promised benefits then I expect to be able to revert to my old plan. We’ll see what happens, but I don’t think the benefits will be worth anywhere near enough for me to sign up.

I like having the ability to switch anytime I want to. And frankly, I’m not even looking at the other Canadian cell operators. I’m looking at Cingular, Verizon, and Sprint, and their North American coverage.


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2 thoughts on “Rogers Wireless: It’s all about us.

  1. There must be something bigger going on. I just took a call from Bell Expressvu wondering what it would take to get me to lock in once my plan expires (in 20 months!??). I told them they would need to give me what was promised in December, and taken away in January (upgrade a receiver I purchased, then found it wasn’t what I thought it was based on experience with other receivers). I didn’t say they would have to give me the same program as any new subscribers get at the time, but that would be the case.

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