Powerpoint as a sleep aid.

I’m at a city council meeting in Waterloo, Canada, and they are discussing the issue of building a public square. The discussion started with possibly the most bring, monotonic Powerpoint presentation I’ve ever seen. I felt myself nodding off as the presenter progressed blandly through an endless series of nearly identical slides depicting the various design possibilities of the public square.

I’m numbed by the presentation as I assume the rest of the audience is as well. But I haven’t been informed at all. Lots of slides, lots of pictures, but I can’t make sense of what is what. The final slide that is still showing doesn’t make it clear what I am looking at.Also, there is no justification – just pictures.

I suggest that if you can’t use Powerpoint to effectively convey information then you shouldn’t use it at all. Otherwise it is just a sleep aid. And I feel tired.

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