Chooing your child’s father.

From donors at a sperm bank that is. Women want to know a lot more about potential fathers for their children:

While the women who used his sperm may be perfectly satisfied, women today seem to be looking for a more unquestionably accomplished sort of man. Handsome and brilliant. Talented and charming. Loving and kind. A match one might only dream of finding in the flesh.

“Many women see this as another way to give their child a head start in life,” says Lori Andrews, a professor at Chicago-Kent College of Law who has studied the sperm bank industry, of the high stakes of sperm selection.

And increasingly, say the banks, women want proof of perfection before buying a dream donor’s sperm.

So what are they looking for?

So who is Mr. Right for today’s woman?

He can’t be fat.

“We look for a height-weight ratio that is within the norm,” Dr. Sims explains.

Being short is negotiable.

“If you have a 5-foot-7 or -8 donor who is a medical student or Ph.D. scientist, that outweighs the height issue in many situations,” Dr. Sims says.

Education matters. California Cryobank only takes men who are in college or who graduated from a four-year college. At the Fairfax bank, “there is a preference for guys with medical and law degrees,” Mr. Jaeger says.

I don’t recall dating being that complex.


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