Satisfy customers or else.

Daimnationprovides a bit of commentary on the slow demise of Ford.

When I was a kid there were basically only three car companies – GM, Ford, and Chrysler – and I grew up in a GM town. We drove cars from those companies.

Today I drive an Audi and my wife drives a Mazda. Though we do still own a Chrysler minivan and my son drives a GM – until we replace them probably with something from Japan.

American car companies don’t seem to be as adept as other companies at building what the customer wants. But for me their biggest problem, and the reason for our switch to foreign cars, was the horrendous customer service provided by their dealerships. A general feeling that they weren’t really concerned with me as a customer once the sale was completed. I have at least one horrible story to tell, as I’m sure many others do as well.

To me Ford is just an example of a company that forgot the need to keep customers satisfied.As a quick test, just name any Ford product you would want to own. An alternate test? Name any Ford product.

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