Rules were meant to be combined.

Andrea Learned lists seven principles from the "Mozilla School of Management" that will improve how you live and work:

  1. It’s the community, stupid
  2. Just ask
  3. Lead by following
  4. Nurture renegades
  5. Think hybrid
  6. Think globally
  7. Shut up

Her favorites, and mine, are principle #2 and #7. However, I think that they should be combined and stated this way:

Just ask, then shut up and listen.

Don’t interrupt, and don’t correct. Just listen to what your customers have to say. And then do something about it.

By the way, this isn’t bad marriage advice either.

Principle #4 is a pretty good one too. Everybody says they nurture renegades, but game-changing ideas rarely come from Fortune 500 companies.


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