Fair use? Bah humbug.

Boing Boing notes an Australian copyright ruling that linking to copyrighted content constitutes infringement:

Ms Sabiene Heindl, general manager of Music Industry Piracy Investigations (MIPI), said similar action could be taken against individuals who, like mp3s4free, used the internet to link to copyright-protected material.


Ms Heindl’s message to Australians is clear: "If you are linking to copyrighted material in an unauthorised fashion, then you can be held liable for copyright infringement."

So it all comes down to intent I guess.I suppose that you could link to music on a record company site, but not to anything else. I guess that means all search engines infringe unless they examine all of the content they index for copyright.

But how exactly do you link to something "in an unauthorised fashion"?


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