From today’s Microsoft Windows Vista release:

“Companies we’ve talked to are looking at driving major revenue increases, improved responsiveness to customers, and improved sales team win rates with the 2007 Microsoft Office system,” said Ken Edwards, vice president of Capgemini. “The early adopters have realized cost savings through process workflow automation, easier access to information, improved collaboration with colleagues, and lower costs of compliance. It’s all about creating better customer connections and empowering your people at less cost and with greater effectiveness.”

Really? A new word processor and spreadsheet and suddenly sales team win rates are increasing?Perhaps it’s time to fire a few of the salespeople if a new version of Excel made the difference. And I’m not sure how a new version of Office creates better customer connections and empowers your people at less cost, just to use a couple of the standard marketing benefit phrases. It seems that you’ve already paid more just to upgrade.

It’s just another operating system, and another office suite.Despite what Mr. Ballmer says, these are not "game changing" products. It’s just the equivalent of a new baseball bat and glove.


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