Scaring away your customers.

I went to a local restaurant in Waterloo – the Huether Hotel – last night to grab some takeout food for my wife for dinner. I ordered the Ultimate Alfredo for $14.50, which seemed a bit high for a place which is basically a pub with food. The waitress placed my order without comment.

About 15 minutes later, the food arrived and the waitress gave me the bill. Lo and behold, the restaurant had added a "takeout charge" of 50 cents to the bill. Of course that became part of the meal cost, so I was also forced to pay tax on the takeout charge.

So for freeing a table for other customers and eliminating the cost of serving me in the restaurantI was made to pay 50 cents on top of the cost of my meal. Obviously this is a restaurant that does not want takeout customers.

I’m happy to oblige. I told the manager on the way out that such a charge was ridiculous and I wouldn’t be back. Sadly, he didn’t even bother to apologize or even acknowledge my concern.

He got his 50 cents. But he just lost untold future business, because I didn’t just tell 10 people – I blogged it.


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