We’re moving backward.

When I was a kid I was just born a little too late to experience the whole "Duck and cover" response to nuclear weapons. I grew up thinking that the world was becoming a safer place. Yes some countries that had always had nuclear weapons still had them, but they had the relative sanity not use them.

It’s over 40 years later and my youngest son came home with his girlfriend the other day and with some concern asked if I had heard that North Korea had launched a nuclear missile. Now my son is almost 19 so he is rational about this stuff, and I explained that they had merely tested a nuclear warhead underground.

But as I said that I realized that we now live in a world that is arguably less safe than it was 40 years ago. That we have actually moved backward to a less peaceful world.

I’ve worked all over the world and lived in both the United States and Canada, and I personally have found pretty much everyone easy to get along with. I just can’t understand this strange need for humans to want to kill each other, which seems to be pretty much testosterone driven.But if we don’t figure out how to stop it we’ve pretty much failed our children’s generation.


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