The simple life.

I was at the Thoreau Club the other day. It’s a private health club in Concord, Massachusetts, close to our former home in Westford. We took our goddaughter to her ballet class, and the grounds consist of a few buildings set in the forest, a beautiful sight as the leaves change color in New England.

Now what I recall most about Henry David Thoreau, the club’s namesake, is that he went to live a simple life at Walden Pond.No modern conveniences, even the sparse few that existed at the time. So I guess I was a bit surprised that when I opened my laptop it immediately connected to a free wireless service and I was able to work – with the most modern of conveniences.

While it is certainly pleasant to be connected anywhere, I couldn’t help but feel that someone had missed the point of Thoreau completely. Sometimes you should just be able to relax, surrounded by nature.


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