Don’t touch that dial.

Today’s New York Times comments on the increase in television shows with extremely complex story lines, where missing an episode may make the show completely incomprehensible. The only show that really caught us was Jericho, which we now watch. The other ones they list didn’t make an impact on us.

But TiVo has changed our lives, or at least our television habits. For us, there is no more appointment television. We merely create a Season’s Pass and record episodes only to watch them later, sometimes several in a row. Which means the using shows as leaders into other programming doesn’t work for us, or for other TiVo or DVR users.

Now given the increasingly busy lives of viewers it seems that it would be difficult to ensure that you can watch every episode in order, so perhaps this will just lead to increased sales of DVDs or the shows. But I find it amazing that viewers can comprehend shows like this, but just didn’t get something like Arrested Development.


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