Every morning I go to a coffee shop called Williams Coffee Pub near my house. I go there because it has free internet, and it is comfortable enough to work there. But their service isn’t that great. It takes quite a while just to get a regular cup of coffee. If you want a latte or anything special they give you a number to take to your table, and I’ve waited as long as 10 minutes for my order. It can sometimes take over an hour for them to get around to cleaning the tables, and since there is no self-bussing area, I’ve sometimes had to push over several breakfast dishes in order to get a table to sit down at.

Contrast this with Starbucks, where I’ve rarely waited more than a minute for any beverage, and the tables are cleaned very frequently. But they don’t have free internet.

So I keep going to Williams in the mornings to work, but I’m constantly reminded of the poor service, and the lack of attention to detail, so I never recommend it to friends. But I go to Starbucks to relax, and I always recommend it, and often meet folks there.

And I always think to myself, why is it that Starbucks can accomplish what Williams can’t?


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